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If all or most of your teeth go missing, a set of dentures can replace them for you. Missing teeth can affect us in a couple of ways, some of which may surprise you. By restoring those teeth, the dentures can reverse those effects and help you maintain your natural look and abilities.

Our teeth are important for eating, as we all may know. However, they are also important for speaking too. Even with one missing tooth, both these aspects can become more difficult. Dentures can bring your ability to eat and speak back up to speed by replacing what was lost.

Dentures can also help you maintain your appearance. The muscles in our face rely on the teeth for some support. Without them, the facial muscles can start to droop, which can alter our look somewhat drastically. The dentures can provide the support the muscles need, thus helping your face retain its natural shape.

If you find yourself struggling with these issues because of missing teeth, a set of dentures may be the solution. We can provide you with them here at Opelika Dental Arts in Opelika, Alabama, and you can easily reach us by calling 334-745-3135. Our dentist, Dr. Jim Tatum, is happy to answer your questions about dentures and other options, so feel free to schedule a visit with us today!