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Gum disease often starts out as periodontal inflammation, which is known as gingivitis. It is frequently associated with poor oral hygiene practices that allow tartar to harden on the bases of teeth near the gumline.

Early signs of developing gingivitis often include inflamed gums tissues that tend to bleed easily when brushing and flossing. This might also occur in conjunction with chronic bad breath problems.

If it is addressed in a reasonable amount of time Dr. Jim Tatum and his team can use professional tools and techniques that can remove all traces of tartar from your teeth.  As the periodontal inflammation subsides you can prevent further occurrence with consistent improvements to your daily oral hygiene habits.

If the early symptoms of gingivitis are not addressed, gum disease can worsen into the more dangerous periodontal infection of periodontitis. As the infection advances deeper into the periodontal tissues, it can cause your gums to recede from the base of your teeth forming pockets of infection near the roots.

In time, the persistent bacterial presence can start to compromise the bone structure in your mouth leading to the loss of multiple teeth. At the same time, the systemic inflammation of gum disease can also contribute to medical complications.

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