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Have you ever thought about how to improve your dental flossing techniques? Dental floss is an extremely important part of your oral health care because it is designed to clean between your teeth in areas that toothbrushes and other cleaning utensils cannot reach. If you fail to clean out these areas, your teeth and gums will still be at risk for several forms of dental damage. To eliminate plaque buildup between your teeth, always look for additional dental flossing techniques to improve, including the following tips:

– To clean out the areas between your teeth with a reliable dental floss, always use a shred-resistant version.
– Apart from using traditional threaded floss, you may want to consider alternative interdental cleaning tools such as a water flosser. Water flossers use beams of water to rinse away debris between teeth.
– If you have any questions about which interdental cleaning products to use, contact our dentist for product recommendations and suggestions.
– Try to floss at least two minutes every day, making sure to clean between each and every tooth.
– When flossing between your teeth, never use the same section of a strand more than once and never use the same strand for more than one session. Otherwise, you run the risk of recontamination.
– To effectively floss with a thread, wrap a strand of floss roughly 18 inches in length around a finger on each hand and move up and down the floss as needed.

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