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Oral cancer is a very harmful disease that claims around 42,000 new victims annually in the US. Many patients can make a full recovery from oral cancer when their condition is diagnosed in its earliest stages.

We encourage you to take steps now to protect yourself from oral cancer by caring for your oral and general health and being mindful of their quality. To help you identify the signs of oral cancer, we encourage you to review the following list of common symptoms:

– Oral cancer can cause your throat to feel raw, sore, and as though there is a constant lump.

– Oral cancer can also cause you to struggle with eating or speaking.

– Report any feelings of facial numbness or decreased sensitivity to the dentist.

– When screening someone else’s mouth, look for unexplained abnormalities such as rough or speckled patches, bumps, and areas that look eroded or swollen.

– Oral cancer prevents sores from healing quickly, leaving them open for two weeks or more.

– Similarly, persistent bleeding in the mouth that doesn’t heal is also a cause for concern.

– The sudden but significant loss of weight is a sign of oral cancer than many people don’t consider.

You can help prevent oral cancer by scheduling regular oral cancer screenings in Opelika, Alabama. Call 334-745-3135 today to arrange a time to Dr. Jim Tatum at Opelika Dental Arts soon.