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Tooth enamel is essentially a dense mineral substance intended to provide your teeth with the necessary hardness to break down food before swallowing. Yet there are times when something like an accidental blow to the mouth or problems chronic grinding can exceed the strength of your tooth enamel.


In some of these cases enough force can be applied to a tooth that is chips of fractures the otherwise healthy tooth enamel. If the compromised area isn’t treated by a dentist in a reasonable amount of time a new area of tooth decay could start to build up in the already damaged tooth.   


If there isn’t enough healthy tooth enamel remaining for Dr. Jim Tatum to safely apply a dental filling he might recommend performing a dental crown restoration. This treatment process will eventually replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an equally durable dental material.


To do this he will need to remove any remaining tooth enamel to prepare an abutment from the healthy core structure of the tooth. Once this is done he will then make an impression of the area which will serve as a guide for the dental lab technicians who will create your dental crown.   


When it is ready the dental crown will be cemented onto the abutment with a strong dental adhesive.


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